Why are horror films popular?


Horror films are a strange thing. Why do people pay to be scared and to watch horrible things happening on screen? Some of the most famous and biggest films in history have been horror films – from Psycho to The Exorcist, to Friday 13th to the Blair Witch Project. Read more

Why Breaking Bad was so good


I’ve just finished watching Breaking Bad and wow what an amazing series it is – for me it’s the best show ever – beats The Sopranos easily and even better than The Wire as well, which I really liked too. Here for me are the reasons it was so good. Read more

Best music releases 2014


2014 has been a pretty good year for music, and here’s a list of my favorites.

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Seems like everyone likes this song. Pharrell can do no wrong at the moment, has been having phenomenal success in the past few years, Blurred Lines was massive too – I loved that song as well despite all the controversy about it. His stuff is often pretty retro but done in such a modern way – and great tunes and style.

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7 Common Cliches You See on TV

Ninety percent of us are avid television watchers and most of get bored to death of the same storylines repeated over and over . However, there is something even more annoying to the TV and movie goer and that is the cliché. And the television abounds with them.

Below is a list of six all-too-familiar TV and movie clichés we’ve all seen a million and one times, and most we will never experience in real life:

1. 555 area codes

It is amazing how many people in TV and movie-land have the area code 555. Whilst it understandable not to want to use real telephone numbers, who in their right mind would want to copy a telephone number down from a TV soap and try it? If they did they would naturally be in for a big disappointment. Now whenever we see a telephone number on the box or in the movies, we half expect it to be 555 something, something, something.

2. Speed writing

Most of us are slow writers and have to stop occasionally and think about what we are writing down. This isn’t a problem for our TV and movie heroes, they can write down complicated instructions in two seconds flat. Addresses and telephone numbers can be etched down in a split second without taking the pen from the paper.

3. The gun butt knockout

This is an all time favorite. Often the bad guys and sometimes the good guys get a quick rap on the back of the neck with a pistol. More annoyingly, this only causes minor inconvenience, and with a shake, the hero is off again sorting out the villains. The same could be said for bullet wounds which also don’t stop our heroes or bad guys. A shot in the arm is nothing and sometimes the hero can run, shoot, and dodge bullets for half an hour before flaking into a heap.

The truth is of course a rap on the back of the head with a gun will kill more often than not. Very few people could continue as normal with a bullet wound to the arms or leg as the pain would be too great.

4. I can’t talk because I am gagged

How many times have you seen someone in the movies with a flimsy strip of duct tape or a white hanky stuffed in or across the mouth, rendering them incapable of speech. The reality is in most cases if you feared for your life you would still be able to scream the house down, gag or no gag.

5. Amnesia

Amnesia is a common ailment in films. The victim gets a blow to the head and they forget everything, their family, friends and job. They spend an inordinate amount of time in this unhappy state, remarry, set up home, then they get another blow to the head and all is well again; perhaps. I wonder how many of us know someone who has suffered from amnesia?

6. Let’s act incompetent

For some reason, tv actors are often completely incompetent and helpless to perform ordinary tasks and day to day necessities. Does the lawn need to be mowed, gutters cleaned, or squirrel rid from the attic? It can never go smoothly. It will have to end in a disastrously funny way.

7. Subtitles

The rapidly disappearing subtitle that is gone before one has read the first two words. Not a true cliché but worth a mention. If you watch foreign films it may be better to learn the language first rather than the frustration of trying to follow the subtitles which are gone in a flash.

Rewatching Point Break

A few days ago I saw an old Saturday Night Live clip featuring Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley as Chippendale dancers (on youtube). It was pretty funny and inspired me to watch the old Patrick Swayze movie called “Point Break”. It was cool to watch it again since it has been a few years since my last viewing. I noticed different things about it this time (that always happens when you watch a movie a second time, or years later) like the scene where Johnny holds a knife to Tyler’s throat. Now that I have one of the best hunting knives you can buy I was fascinated by the knife rather than the scene itself – it actually looks like a combat knife rather than a hunting knife was used in the scene. It is funny how your perception of things changes over time as you pass through different life experiences and gain maturity.

My appreciation of the surfing scenes has improved as well. I went to watch a surf competition a couple of years ago that featured some of the best surfers and best surfboards in the world. Being in that milieu educated me about the skill needed to even just stay on a board on a wave in the ocean. To be fair, though, the pros make it look easy as they do in every sport. I never did try surfing myself but did give stand up paddleboarding a try not long ago and that was enough for me: even balancing on a board on flat water can be pretty tough.

Point Break was made in 1991 and so the movie making technology has evolved a lot since then. In 1991 filmmaking was done with, well… film. It wasn’t until 1998 that the first feature-length film — “The Last Broadcast” — was made using digital technologies. George Lucas with “The Phantom Menace” and later movies in the Star Wars series was the first to really push feature-length digital movies into the mainstream. Nowadays digital movie making is no longer the purview of professionals only. High quality surfing footage is all over the internet as well as, of course, TV. Back in 1991 it was not unheard of to see great surfing film and surfing TV coverage, but it was rarer. In the last while it has been especially common to see excellent quality clips from water and wave level, as well as from completely under water — that was a rarity in 1991!

Though Point Break only got a 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes there are apparently a lot of people who are crazy about it and it has developed something of a cult following over the years. I’m now really curious to see the remake — yes, there is a 2015 version of Point Break coming — and see if it finds as much popularity as the original. Also I wonder how close the remake will adhere to the original’s plot. From the looks of the trailer it is only loosely based on the 1991 Point Break.

Things To Do Instead of Watching TV or Movies

If you’re anything like most people, then at least a small chunk of your brain has probably rotted away from watching too much television or too many movies. It’s not completely your fault; they are quite tempting, and they’re easy things to do when you don’t feel like doing anything. But it doesn’t have to be like that, as there are plenty of fun activities that don’t involve watching TV or movies, and here are a few of them. One of my friends Mark has been trying to get me into more extreme sports for a while, so I added his suggestion in here too. Hi Mark!

One great thing to do is read. Remember books? Those things with the pages and the words, well they can be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or an evening. It’s something you can do at any time and at any place, so just find a comfortable spot and open a book. If you give it a chance, the stories you’ll find in books can be just as exciting and entertaining as anything you’ll find on television or in movies, and you may actually learn something useful while you’re at it.

If you want to forgo sitting around altogether, then get outside and go for a walk or a hike. It’s important to stay active and get some exercise on a daily basis, so even if it’s a low-impact walk around the block a few times, it’s better than nothing. If you’re looking for a little more excitement than a walk or a hike, then you should give an extreme sport like paintball a try. You may need a few things to get started, like a mask, vest and the nicest paintball gun that you can find for your price range before you head out, but once you get started it’s a blast! Of course, finding a nearby park and going on a hike would be ideal, as it’ll really get your heart pumping, as well as give you a chance to enjoy nature, which you may end up finding more enjoyable than television or movies.

Another great alternative to television is cooking. Even if cooking isn’t normally your favorite activity, turn off the TV and give it a try. Surely, there’s a special meal or dessert that you’ve always wanted to try, but never got the chance, so take a couple hours off from looking at a screen and get in the kitchen. If you just give it a chance, cooking can be fun and engaging, as it gives you a chance to experiment and try new things, which may end up capturing your imagination more than any movie or television show.

If you want to get as far away from your television as possible, go out for a drive. You don’t have to take a long road trip, although that can be fun too, but at least go for a spin around town and do some exploring. There has to be a part of town or some back roads that you’ve never been before, so take a break from watching television and check it out. You can crank up the radio, do some sightseeing, clear your mind, and maybe even find a new favorite spot, giving you another place to visit in lieu of watching television or movies.

Finally, go to a museum, which may be the antithesis of watching movies and television. Surely, you have something that is of interest to you, so whether that’s science, history, art, or something else, there’s probably a museum nearby to visit. Museums are a great excuse to get out of the house, as well as a place that can be relaxing and eye opening, and spending a day in a museum is certainly a better use of your time than watching movies or television.

Rave Game Review: Mortal Kombat X

My friend and I have been dying to try this new game. I haven’t had the chance – and time, to play because I have been busy what with all the stuff going on right now. That, and not to mention that my said friend who was living just down the block from me until recently, has moved away. I know, right? He left me… Just kidding.

We used to play all sorts of video games together at my apartment, and then we would go to the local video store to buy some more games to try. Oh man, those were the days. But alas, both of us have been both busy with work, and of course, there are a lot of other priorities that must come first. Due to work reasons, he had to move.

But of course, we had to keep playing together, we are playing buddies, after all. And thanks to

Top Video Games & Movies for Hunting Enthusiasts

Nowadays, it’s no longer possible for hunters to spend all of their time in the woods. But fortunately, there are plenty of video games and movies that cater to that hunting “itch” without having to leave the comforts of home. Since I’m no hunting expert and I prefer to play video games, I talked to a good friend of mine that runs the site hunterinsight.com, which is blog about hunting and hunting gear and asked Wes, an avid archery hunter what he thought.

Video Games about Hunting

While they vary in terms of realism and the hunting experience they offer, these video games should keep you entertained until the start of the hunting season. Here are the best hunting video games worth looking into:

Deer Drive
This video game is currently available for the Nintendo Wii and can cater of up to 4 players simultaneously. It has dozens of animals for hunting and players are tasked to accomplish their objectives while trying to avoid run-ins with bears and moose. While playing alone can be fun, the game is known for its multi-player mode since it encourages competitive gameplay.

Deer Hunter 2014
This video is available for free download in Android and iOS devices. It features hundreds of animal species from all over the globe that can be tracked and hunted down. The game boasts a wide range of locations and different hunting equipment. Deer Hunter 2014 lets you take part in the “cooperative mode” with other players. While this game has bit of a realistic feel, it’s comparable to that of an arcade-style shooting game.

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts
Currently playable in the Wii UTM, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC desktops, Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts is deemed to be one of the highly advanced hunting games in the market. Throughout the game, you’re constantly advised by professional hunters. The game boasts true-to-life ballistics and a unique X-Ray camera that lets you see where your shots landed and determine the kind of projectile damage done from the shot made

Movies about Hunting

It’s a rarity for Hollywood to release movies where hunting is the main focus. And when they do end up releasing them, most of them fail to grasp the aspects of hunting. Here are the most known hunting films worth viewing:

The Deer Hunter
This is a must-see flick for those who demand the very best that Hollywood can offer. The story revolves around Mike, a sharp-shooting deer hunter, who carries his hunting skills to survive in the Vietnam War. The movie is the closest thing Hollywood can ever achieve in capturing the crucial aspects of hunting.

The Ghost and the Darkness
This movie is considered to be one of the greatest hunting films in history. Based on a true story, it talks about a pair of dangerous lions known to have killed dozens of humans in Africa. The Ghost and the Darkness is a thriller that displays the danger of hunting big and dangerous game. Strong acting performances and screen play makes this film a favorite among hunting enthusiasts.

The Mountain Men
This traditional adventure film talks about individuals who spend a bulk of their time trapping beavers in rivers and mountains. The movie is so grounded in the hunting culture and the outdoors that hunting enthusiasts will appreciate the Western aesthetics displayed all throughout the film.

A Review of the Rachael Ray Show

The Rachael Ray Show is a well-known television program on the Food Network which stars Rachael Ray. The show is (and always has been) filmed at the Food Network studio in Chelsea, New York City, NY.

Rachael Ray became well known for her debut TV project in 1999 called “30-Minute Meals.” While many critics at the time felt that the 30-minute meals show didn’t include the time it takes to prepare the dish, it was still considered a popular program and it pushed Rachael to stardom. I asked my friend Suzy, who runs Culinary Dreaming, about the show, and she said that a lot of people trash Rachael’s show because they don’t understand what market she’s working in and who she is trying to help.

What’s the show about?

The idea behind the Rachael Ray show is to show busy moms (and dads) that they can get a fresh and healthy meal on the table quickly and they won’t have to resort to eating processed food or constantly dining out. She also teams up with different celebrities in every episode to talk about their achievements and cook tasty meals. These guests come from the top of the sports, media, business and entertainment industries. Ray would often asks tips about health and lifestyle, and always get an interesting response. Rachel is not a trained chef, and many people feel like it matters, but others do not care because her show is geared towards busy moms that want to get something healthy on the table quickly. Food Network has other shows that are geared toward those that want to know how to be an executive chef .

Rachael also has a talk show, which gives makeovers to guests and has musical guests — much like the Oprah Winfrey Show. However, cooking is still a passion of hers and is always highlighted at the end of every show. Occasionally, celebrity guests would drop by to help her cook, following the style she had with the 30 minute meals tv show.

Not Everyone is a Fan

While many critics appreciate her efforts to keep the show entertaining, there have been a number of viewers who have been put off with Ray’s constant yelling in each episode. Many depicted her acts as obnoxious, and some even go as far as demanding the show be removed from the network – others think he yelling is just enthusiasm. Others still think its a cry for attention.


While Rachel Ray covers a wide range of topics, in the end, it’s all about her great love: food. With years of food industry experience under her belt, Rachel Ray keeps her end by entertaining her guests and adding a bit of fun in the food preparation process. Currently, the show is renewed for the 2015-16 season.

Enjoy a Movie Marathon at Home

Everybody loves a movie marathon. It is very relaxing. When you have all the time in the world to spare, this is definitely the best activity to do. When you have a list of movies that are yet to be watched, this is the time to make it happen. Whether you are alone or with friends, you can still enjoy watching these movies are you are transported in a totally different world.

These movies are even more fun if you have the best snacks with you. Of course, you will just grab whatever it is that you can find on the fridge. You might have some chips, soda, leftover ice cream or some potato fries. However, if you want to spruce things up a bit for this movie marathon, why not prepare your own snacks? If you are inviting friends over or even a special someone for a romantic movie date, homemade snacks are perfect.

If this is your first time to prepare all the dishes by yourself and you don’t know how to use all cooking appliances at home, then don’t fret. You just have to use a rice cooker and you are good to go! Yes, with just a simple rice cooker, several snacks can be made. It all depends on how creative you are.


Obviously, any movie marathon won’t be complete without the ever-favorite popcorn! All you have to do is to wipe a little bit of oil around the rice cooker and allow it to heat up. After some time, you can pour the corn and close the rice cooker. Wait for it to pop and you’re done. Just make sure not to place a lot of corn at once or else they won’t pop. You also have to be careful not to overdo it.


This might sound weird, but a rice cooker-made cake is now possible. You just have to use a simple batter of milk, flour, baking powder, eggs, sugar and other flavors you wanted and you are good to go. Just mix up all the dry and wet ingredients on a separate bowl and transfer them on the rice cooker. You can be creative with the frosting as well, but if you are fine with the plain cake, then this task is over in less than an hour. Doesn’t this fancy snack for a movie marathon sound nice?

Movie marathon like never before

Since you have prepared your own snacks this time, it becomes even more special. You will not just appreciate the movie, but also the type of food you eat. The best part is that you are only using a simple rice cooker. If you want to be even more successful next time, use the best Japanese cookers. If there are other appliances at home that you need to buy, read more about home appliances reviews at http://www.homecentric.org. Hopefully, you will make your movie marathon experience better than ever.

Why Does Everyone Love League of Legends?

If you haven’t heard lately, League of Legends has become one of the most widely played games in the world with over 67 million players logging on each month. These staggering numbers have shocked many in the industry that such a simple game could grow so quickly. In this article I will investigate what has led to the immense success of this game.

To start off, I must admit that League of Legends has become my favorite game recently and I am a prime example which supports the claims about to be made. I have found myself playing during the day and staying up late at night with a slight addition to the game. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to worry too much about business things such as my website, since I receive professional wordpress support from Bairkan. They take complete care of my website, so I can focus on more important things, such as my rating in the game. With that being said, let’s take a look at some features implemented by the developer of League of Legends, a small company named Riot.

The most obvious reason for the games explosive growth is that it is completely free to play and team based. This means that anyone can download the game and start playing the game in its entirety without ever having to pay a dime. And when you start asking friends to play with you, there is no apprehension to go ahead and download the game due to it being free to play. This is a common model for games these days and is known as the freemium model. The game offer in game purchases which can enhance the game itself, without altering how it plays. This keeps the competition level equal without having to pay to win, like some other games which are mostly found on mobile devices. The items for sale inside the game are pretty cheap and known as micro transactions. When you have millions of players, it doesn’t take much to produce a huge revenue for the company, even though the game is free.

Another aspect of the game that has the largest appeal to me is the competitive nature of the game. The style in which League of Legends is played is a tournament format where you are paired with other players to participate in a hour long 5 versus 5 battle. It is nice that an entire game can be played in an hour which makes it easy to sit down and start playing. Riot sponsors one of the largest ongoing tournaments in the world for eSports which has had many people dreaming of becoming a professional gamer. There are many teams that have earned their spots in the tournament and are being well paid. It is very competitive and hard to achieve this, as the gap in skill between an amateur and professional player is massive. An entire industry has grown out of this which is known is the elo boosting seen at eloboosted.com. Here, skilled players can increase the rating of someone’s account and be paid well for their time. This further increases the difficulty of the game as many are vying to become in the top tier of players.

These features of the game have invited and hooked many into spending countless hours playing League of Legends.

How Arnold Schwarzenegger Changed Action Movies Forever

When you think of action movies you probably think of huge explosions, witty dialogue, and muscled up actors playing iconic roles, right? Thor wouldn’t be Thor if Chris Hemsworth didn’t look like the larger than life superhero we have all come to love. Interestingly, if you look into the not so distant past, being a action movie star didn’t require bulging muscles and a mighty screen presence. One actor sort of changed all that.That actor, of course, is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When Arnold emerged on the movie scene, he didn’t just send guys scrambling to find the best testosterone boosters or the best pre workout supplements in hopes of looking like him. He also changed the way movie studios sought after great action stars when casting their movies. After seeing Arnold saving the day in a movie, audiences were no longer going to buy the scrawny guy saving the day any longer. Plus, he changed movies in more ways than just requiring guys to hit the gym before taking on action packed roles. We’ll lay those ways out before you.

Larger Than Life Personality

Not only did Arnold bring a physically larger than life aspect to movies, but he also brought a larger than life attitude to his movies as well. He shaped the parts he played with action man having a physique to back up his part, plus the magnetic attitude that made his character likable, witty, and funny. You see this today in movies like Marvel’s The Avengers and pretty much any move that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in.

Funny & Strong

It’s not surprising if you’ve ever heard Arnold talk to understand just how funny of a guy he is. This is something along with his muscular physique that he brought into his movies. This was a unique aspect of an action star when Arnold came along, as previous ones, for the most part, were always brooding and super serious. But by bringing a little humor to an otherwise very serious genre, he opened up action films to a whole new audience who otherwise probably wouldn’t have had much interest in these types of movies.

Cool Catch Phrases

There were always catch phrases or quotable lines in movies, but none have ever been delivered as cheesy and fantastic as Arnold has done it. Perhaps it’s the Austrian accent, maybe it’s the fact that he’s a giant man, or maybe it’s a combination of both. One thing’s for sure and that is Arnold made catchphrases cool. While nobody has delivered them as memorably as Arnold did with “I’ll be back,” or “Hasta la vista, baby,” movies today still chase after those memorable catch phrases made so famous by Arnold.

Big Muscles

Of course, Arnold changed the way that action movies are made because of the fact he was, and in many ways still is, larger than life in the physical sense. When being casted for his first big movie, “Stay Hungry,” the director told Arnold he had to lose 80 pounds because he was too big on screen and literally dwarfed his co-stars. Producers and directors had never seen such a giant a man and many weren’t sure exactly what to do with him. It became obvious that he would do well in action movies and let him flex his muscles, so to speak.

The Life of a Roadie

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamt of having a job in the music industry. As my musical tastes matured to punk rock in my teenage years, I discovered, in myself, a knack for becoming a part of the punk rock culture by attending local shows and helping to promote and support my friends’ gigs. Being a part of the punk rock scene was what brought on the idea of combining my love for music with my passion for travelling and possibly turning it into a serious career.

After graduating from college, I decided to gain some more firsthand experience in the music industry by working for friends who produced concerts – I learnt loads about the inner workings of the live music industry. This ‘internship’, so to speak, allowed me to get comfortable with many different jobs inside the music industry and led me to becoming a crew member for several bands as they hit the road.

The biggest misconception about being a ‘roadie’ is the assumption of outsiders that all we do is party with the band, chase after female fans and get high on drugs. The truth is that it is a lot more complex and not nearly as attractive as it is made out to be.

People often overlook the day to day living and travelling conditions of those who are in this line of work. Contrary to the picture that Hollywood paints, there isn’t an abundance of business class flights or rides in shiny black limousines. Most of the bands I have worked with travelled in a passenger van with a trailer to carry the luggage and gear. There wasn’t a luxurious bus with personal mini-televisions and reclining seats and there were certainly no frequent stops for R & R. We had to pee in empty water bottles on the road because the entourage couldn’t stop so that a few of us could take care of our business. At the end of the day, we would cram into a single hotel room – and most of us would be sleeping on the floor. Thankfully, this particular problem I was able to solve thanks to a recommendation from a friend about www.thesleepjudge.com, a website that listed excellent portable air mattresses that even a roadie could afford as well as other sleep aid products! The concept of privacy was thrown out of the window (along with a television a couple of times!) and arguments could turn sour pretty fast. I managed to stay out of the worst kind of trouble by being considerate towards the people around me and staying mindful of my surroundings.

I know that many of the people in my line of work don’t like being referred to as ‘roadies’ but I have no qualms, especially since when I tell people about my job, it sounds a lot cooler than it really is and some of them even buy me a drink so they can inquire whether I know about their favorite band!

Life on the road accompanying a band definitely has its crazy upsides that most music fans would envy – but it isn’t the cakewalk it’s portrayed to be.